Capture and Captivate

Friday 12th May, 9:50 – Seminarraum 2


Roshanna Evans (English):

Capture and Captivate



Whether you are giving a speech, having an interview, or conducting a business meeting, 70-80% of your effective communication skills are nonverbal. Nerves, anxiety and self-doubt are signs of “being absent from the body” and the result is that our words are less credible. Our session will focus on two critical moments of your effective communication. The first is your preparation – being ready rather than getting ready – and the second involves anchoring your credibility in the first 7 seconds of your presentation so you will captivate your audience with conviction.

It’s time to transform your body into your lasting ally.

About Roshanna Evans

Roshanna Evans has been on the cutting edge of psychosomatics and human potential as a researcher, practitioner, educator, and trainer. She has also worked in film and theater, and is the author of the book HUMAN INTERRUPTED: The Social Crime Against Humanity. Currently, she resides in Valencia, Spain.