Present with Confidence

Friday 12th May, 9:00 – Seminarraum 2


Cécile Bastien-Remy (English):

Present with Confidence



Over 45 minutes, you will have the information, understanding, and techniques to start delivering your presentation with confidence. The session comprises two main blocks. The first block looks at the personal INPUT you need to be confident when presenting. The second block looks at the OUTPUT or more precisely the techniques that can help you manage the fear of speaking in public and appear confident.

About Cécile Bastien-Remy

Cécile Bastien-Remy, Best Speaker for Switzerland at the 2015 contest, is a Public Speaking Jedi, Trainer and Speaker. With an enthusiastic energy she helps professionals to communicate their ideas both verbally and non-verbally, taking their speaking skills to the next level.

Cécile provides workshops and training sessions to develop her clients’ public speaking skills so they leave a positive impact, clear message and an inspired audience.