The Happy Leader

Friday 12th May, 11:40 – Seminarraum 2


Tom Aerden (English):

The Happy Leader



We need leaders who inspire, who motivate, who energize. We need … happy leaders! Happy leaders work better with others and they are more creative. They also create a positive environment for the development of their own potential and that of those they work with. In this workshop you will:

  • Become happier and more comfortable and effective as a leader
  • Learn skills to positively influence your environment
  • Practice steps to make positive changes in your life to become a Happy Leader

About Tom Aerden

Tom Aerden (@tomaerden) is a seasoned business professional with international experience in Belgium and in the US. As a business catalyst he has a passion for sharing knowledge and leadership best practices. Business, marketing, communication, leadership, optimism, family, self-development and mountain biking are, in no particular order, the things that drive him.