Sunday 14th May, 10:00 – Festsaal

Mark Brown (English):
How to win your audience every time!

How do you create an authentic speech?

Mark reveals powerful, proven techniques that will help you to WIN YOUR AUDIENCE by transforming your speech from a 1-dimensional presentation into a 3-dimensional experience. Explaining:

  • How to use POWERFUL descriptors
  • How to apply ‘VERBAL VISUALS’
  • How to use POWERFUL descriptors
  • The power of the PERSONAL STORY
  • The importance of CHARACTERS and DIALOGUE

Participants will have a greater appreciation for their personal stories, and walk away with the tips and tools for connecting with their audience, building relationships from the stage, and winning them over…EVERY TIME!

About Mark

Mark Brown is the 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking. He is an international keynote speaker, executive speaking coach, and presentation skills expert with more than 20 years of experience. He has delivered more than 3,500 presentations to almost 2 million people on 5 continents. A frequent keynote speaker at Toastmasters International Conferences worldwide.